SampleGrabber 3.2

A DAW plug-in for Flux's PAS that acquires the media signal samples for PAS

Sample Grabber is a standard Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plug-in for Flux's Pure Analysis System(PAS) software, available in all common formats (VST, AU, RTAS and TDM). (Please note that Sample Grabber is not a standalone program, but only a plug-in. In earlier versions of PAS, it was included in PAS itself.) Sample Grabber acquires signal samples for PAS to analyze from media stream(s) as they pass through the Windows filter graph. You can install as many instances of Sample Grabber plug-ins as required, on the same DAW, different DAWs, and even different computers altogether that are connected in a network and each instance of Sample Grabber will send samples to PAS through the network using the ZeroConf/Apple Bonjour protocol. Sample grabber also supports surround configurations. The network configuration setup for PAS is entirely automatic and transparent to the user.

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